Princess in a Pink Bandana

My chef tells us to come early to take the written of our practical so I get here at like 6:25 (class starts at 7 the latest) and she’s the only one who’s not here.

Whenever I go to write anything about future! OTP with babies, it always ends badly.
And by badly I mean for the baby and I don’t get it because I love babies but I can’t write happy, normal deliveries/childhoods.
I don’t know. Late night rambling.

I forgot to water my plants before going home for the weekend and I’m like a nervous mother right now help


Evolution of Anna Kendrick’s voice.

So I decided to make this, since I love her voice and she is just very talented. 

Following songs in order:

1. I Love Paris (Musical: High Society, 1998)

2. Life Upon A Wicked Stage (My Broadway Leading Ladies, 1998)

3. Ladies Who Lunch (Movie: CAMP, 2003)

4. For Good ft. Kristin Chenoweth (Trevor Live Concert, 2012)

5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Christmas In Washington, 2013)

Program used: Garageband 6.0.5

Please give me credit, twitter user: @DaniellaDelfin